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English Lessons & Courses

for Young Learners

Live Online Individual Lessons, Group Sessions, Club Activities and more for children ages birth-12

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For KnowledgePond Education, the love for learning starts at the beginning.

Give a lifelong English language learning adventure to your child with educational experts and professional teachers.

Our aim is to help your child gain confidence in communicating in English while exploring this global language.

Join us in our online classrooms, where your child gets an engaging and interactive learning experience with a highly qualified personal teacher. 

In our lessons with young learners, we use the best practices for English language learning in early childhood. We always keep in focus the key aspects, such as how young children learn best and how to make language learning meaningful for them, to maximise their improvement.

At KnowledgePond Education, we see our students as lifelong learners who seek knowledge at whatever stage of life they're in.

Our courses and lessons for Young Learners feature an eclectic mix of worksheets, games, videos, flashcards and much more combined with traditional classroom learning.

For the youngest ones, the lessons use games as means of teaching, engaging the child as well as allowing them to start understanding and conversing with the teacher in English effortlessly - the same way as one does when learning their native language.

Your child will get not just an English course, but the guidance of their expert teacher. 

KnowledgePond Education has several courses for Young Learners. Book a free consultation with us and our educational experts will help you choose the best course for your child based on his/her age, abilities and language learning goals.

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Lessons & Language Programmes

  • Toddlers (children below 4)

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English Storytime for babies

aged 0-12 months

  • From Nursery to Kindergarten age (children between 4-7)

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Play-based English sessions to introduce and improve English skills

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Phonics for Children 

Learning the English letters and sounds

  • Elementary school age (children between 7-12)

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Communication-based English tutoring for school

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Online Book Club for Children

aged 10-12

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Online Maths Club for Children

aged 10-12