Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

English level: B1 - C2 

Minimum age: 17

Course length: 6 months

Maximum Class Size: 1

Intensity: 2 hours/week

Duration of a lesson: 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

Top Online University Preparatory Course

Live Online Individual Lessons with

your personal teacher

Prepare for your future while learning the skills you need to succeed at university with KnowledgePond's top online university preparatory course.

Get a lifelong learning experience with educational experts and professional teachers!

We have a wealth of knowledge and learning materials we can share with you.

What is so special about learning with KnowledgePond?

Learning Mathematics at a university level can be overwhelming - but we make sure it will not stop you from succeeding! 

Our programme trains students in Mathematics for starting their studies at prestigious universities around the world.

Our students have received excellent results under our guidance. 


Who is our course for? 

Our Mathematics Preparatory Course is taught in English for non-native English speakers. 

Anyone who lacks the strong science foundation they need for a successful academic year in engineering, business, sciences and more, but is eager to learn has a home in our preparatory course. You will acquire all the basic tools you need to continue your studies at a university!

With KnowledgePond’s University prep course, you can bring your knowledge and skills up to and beyond the required level to successfully complete your preparatory year and entrance exams. This means you will be on track to your first year Bachelor degree.


Let's start improving your skills today!

Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

High quality

Learn with professional native English speaking teachers with years of experience.

Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Personal learning plan

Each session is designed around your needs, helping you reach your learning goals quickly.

Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Flexibility and choice

Learn online with your teacher at your own speed and from the comfort of your home.

What you get

Your friendly personal teacher

Expert and challenging lessons

The best learning methods

Motivating learning materials

The same method as face-to-face learning

Lessons which fit your needs

A step-by-step study plan

Fun learning environment

Learn quickly and effectively

Lots of opportunities to practise


Out-of-class correction and feedback on your homework

Unlimited chat support from your teacher

Extra practice materials

Useful links to further develop your skills

Flexible appointments

Happy Learning Discount Programme

Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Start Mastering your Skills

Perfect your skills in a fun and interactive way using the help of our excellent personal tutor service, built around your needs. Whatever you want to achieve with improving your skills, your teacher will help you succeed by acting as your one-to-one adviser, coach and guide.

Your highly qualified teacher will develop a personalised study plan with you in the focus, and as your  mentor, he/she will find the pace and approach that works for you.

What to expect from our lessons

  • Your highly qualified personal teacher who has many years of teaching experience​


  • We provide you with a structured framework that supports you becoming a self-directed learner under the guidance of your teacher


  • Materials to keep you motivated and help you learn quickly and effectively


  • An ideal route to equip international students like you with the skills and knowledge required for the rigours of your university studies

  • You will get plenty of targeted practice to help you understand different aspects of Maths

  • A relaxed learning environment – we teach from a classroom


  • The same teaching methodology as face-to-face lessons but from the comfort of your own home

With our lessons you will be able to: 

  • Develop the skills required to succeed and excel in a competitive university environment

  • Bridge the gap between high school and university education

  • Gain the subject-specific knowledge and skills to keep you a step ahead of your peers 

  • Use English to communicate Mathematics problems


  • Engage with relevant and contemporary issues


As we are fostering a learner-centred environment, choosing KnowledgePond will lead to positive development in:

  • Acquiring transferable skills in your chosen subject area along with communication and problem-solving skills

  • Improvement of your English language skills

  • Laying the foundation for your degree


There is no download required. All you need is a computer, a webcam, a microphone and an internet connection to join your teacher on your live online session.

Our teachers have years of experience teaching and understand the skills you need to succeed. Each teacher holds a teaching qualification and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Full Course

6 months

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Full price:


Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Pricing Plan 1

Paid in two installments

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per installment:


Mathematics and Physics Lessons Online (

Pricing Plan 2

Paid per month

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per month:


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