Frequently Asked Questions

What is the outline of a lesson?

The general outline of a one-on-one online lesson:

  1. Small talk (back and forth communication is encouraged)
  2. Answering questions you might have about your previous lesson’s material and/or giving your reflection about the feedback you received on your previous homework
  3. Working on your needs: This is the part of your lesson when we work on new tasks to improve your skills. This is also the main part of the lesson, hence we spend approximately 45 minutes on it.
  4. Closing of our session (summary of the freshly learnt skills, Q&A, Homework Assignment)

Naturally, your age and aims, YOU and your life are different from everyone else’s. Therefore, the above is only a guideline.

What equipment and software do I need for the lesson?

Online lessons are held on Skype or Zoom. We use voice, chat, video and screen share features as well. If you don’t have a fast internet connection, (and you are an adult) you may switch your video feed off.

Why do you have a learning contract?

In any co-operation, it is important to have an agreement which provides the basics of mutual respect. Our learning contract includes our policy regarding the schedule of your lessons, the cancellation of lessons, payments and our obligations towards you as our learner. Our learning contract may be terminated by you at any time.

I want to learn with you. What should I do?

If you have chosen a course that you are interested in, click on the "Enrol" button at the bottom of the course's page and follow the instructions. If you would like to take one-to-one lessons, you might need to book a free consultation here. Don't hesitate to reach out. Email us or chat with us and we are going to help.

Do you have free courses?

At present, KnowledgePond Education does not offer any free services. We do offer several discounts which you may find to you interest. Please review the discount page.
KnowledgePond is not your basic online tutoring service provider. We provide professional teaching by professional and experienced teachers who design each lesson for the individual student. The result is a better understanding of the subject leading to better grades.
Because of all the effort and resources required to provide our students with the best service possible, our prices are non-negotiable. We are unable to lower the prices below the pre-approved discounted rates displayed.
We are aware that our fees might not be affordable to all. We also understand that your location, income and spending priorities will affect your decision to choose KnowledgePond as your education service provider.

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