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Choose one of KnowledgePond's top-quality teacher training sessions to quickly improve your English and your lessons.


Our aim is to help you reach your teaching potential.


Do you want to develop as a teacher?

Our courses help you master your skills and knowledge wherever you are in your professional journey.  

KnowledgePond Education has a wide range of online teaching courses to help you advance your career. Whether you are a native English-speaking teacher or not, you can find a wide range of teacher training courses, expert advice, teaching tips and classroom materials with us.

Join us in our online classrooms, where you get an engaging and interactive learning experience with your highly qualified personal teacher trainer.

Whether you want to boost your career by learning new themes and methodology, developing your practical techniques and approached, or just enhance your social interactions, you can find the right course at KnowledgePond.

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Available Coaching & Courses for Teachers and Tutors

Improve Your English Pronunciation

so you can teach it

Fun ways to teach vocabulary

to all ages and levels

How to teach the English Verb Tenses

English Tutor Mentoring Programme

How to teach English to young learners online

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