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Teach Children Online more Effectively

English Tutor Mentoring Programme

English level: B2 - C2 

Minimum age: 18

Course length: 3 months

Maximum Class Size: 1

Intensity: 1 live session/week + unlimited support

Duration of a lesson: 90 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

Are you a novice at teaching English to young learners online?

Do you feel a bit lost as to how and where to start?


Teaching children English online is easier said than done. Just consider the many different societal and cultural backgrounds you have to accommodate. You definitely need to have a wider and more inclusive perspective on teaching. When used to its full potential, online lessons for children offer inexhaustible learning opportunities. Make sure you are up to the challenge and provide effective, quality lessons to your learners.


KnowledgePond is here to help you become a more effective and successful English language tutor!


Be part of our mentoring programme and receive:

  • Expert individual coaching with live sessions online

  • Tailor-made learning process

  • Support in making connections between theory and practice

  • Support your professional growth

  • Help in planning and creating your course materials and lesson plans

  • Improving your own English skills

  • Learn about exciting activities and programmes for your online lessons

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Full Course

paid upfront

3 months (12 weeks) mentoring

1 90-minute consultation /week 

flexible appointments

unlimited chat support from your trainer

Full price:


Take a look at our introductory presentation 

and explore fundamental ideas.

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