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Education Organiser


KnowledgePond International Education and Development Ltd provides premium quality online, interactive English and Science lessons and courses for children, adults, professionals and teachers.


Our aim is to engage students with effective learning in an exciting way.


We are currently looking for education Organisers from all around the world.

Those interested in becoming an organiser should have demonstrable organising skills and expertise, great customer service skills, and a non-judgmental approach when working with clients.


The tasks of the organiser includes the following:


Leadership Development

  • Coordination of program design and implementation

  • Support leaders to facilitate their services in your country

  • Carry out campaign and base-building work

  • Support leaders in building campaigns

  • Advocacy and referrals of the company and its activities

  • Familiarise yourself with resources in your country

  • Support contacts to become active dues paying learners


Base Building

  • Conduct in person and online outreach in schools, organisations, etc

  • Manage phone calls, and utilise social media to outreach

  • Work with staff to develop more systematic ways to ensure follow up of new contacts, current learners and lapsed students

  • Coordinate regular phone banking and other follow up strategies

  • Campaign integration - work with team in creating outreach strategies to support popular education around KnowledgePond Education's Campaign work.



  • Work with leaders to identify issues/ areas of interest

  • Create and implement campaign strategies with members and leaders

  • Coordinate base-building activities with campaign activities (e.g. – getting members or potential members involved in actions)

  • Maintain relationships with learners and institutions in case of language barriers

  • Actively participate in forums, trainings, conferences to deepen understanding of education issues.


Other Responsibilities

  • Promote organisational goals and values in various external activities

  • Prepare quarterly work plans to present at quarter work plan meetings

  • Participate in fundraising activities as necessary



  • Commitment to KnowledgePond Education’s mission, vision and values

  • Some experience with engaging community and outreach

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Excellent people and relationship building skills

  • Bilingual language skills (English required)

  • Excellent communication skills in your mother tongue



  • commission-based payment

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