Refund Policy for KnowledgePond International Education and Development Ltd



All sales are final


Since our Website offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods and services, we do not provide refunds after the product or service is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product or service on our Website. Please make sure that you have carefully read the service description before making a purchase.

KnowledgePond International Education and Development Ltd does not offer Exchanges, Returns, or Refunds of any kind on any services and items offered on our website.

Why no refunds? - You might ask..

Because the knowledge we provide you with cannot be returned. 

Instead, we ask you to make sure you are buying the service you are going to benefit of the most.  To help you choose the best service that fits your learning goals, you may sign up for a free 30-minute long consultation with one of our qualified teachers/tutor. 


Contacting us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may send an email to


This document was last updated on July 4, 2020