English level: A2 - C2 
Age: 5 - 14
Course length: Flexible
Maximum Class Size: 1 - 10

Intensity: 2 sessions per week
Duration of a lesson: 60 minutes
Lesson times & days: Flexible
Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

Have Your Kids Learn French
Online French Learning Group Classes & Individual Lessons
with Qualified Teachers

French is absolutely worth its investment. It will open up opportunities in law, academia, international relations, and business across the world for your child in the future.

Due to the wide usage of the French language as the second most learnt language after English, learning French is extremely valuable!

Have your child start learning French as early as possible with KnowledgePond Education’s Top Online Classes and Individual Lessons.

Kid's Drawings

High quality
KnowledgePond online French classes for kids combine fun, interactive activities and immersive learning techniques. Our goal is to make learning French fun, while also making sure the lessons provide a foundational understanding of the language. Your child will start using the language from day one.

Child Writing Notes

Bring the classroom to your living room

With KnowledgePond, it is possible to give your child the opportunity to learn French without having to bring them to a language center. We bring the classroom to you! 

Our online French course takes place in a digital environment. Your child will interact directly with an instructor through a digital portal. 

Online Class

Open up opportunities
French is the most popular languages to learn for many reasons. French is the official language in 29 countries and is the fifth most spoken language in the world by total number of speakers. The French language is also one of the main languages for international communication (after English).

Start young and learn faster!

Learning a new language at an early age is a strategic decision of every parent.

French is fun
to learn!

Children take their first
steps into the French language
through creative and
interactive class activities.

Kid Drawing With Colored Pencil


Stacking Blocks


8 class hours / month

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per month:


Children in Indoor Playground


8 class hours / month

Group sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Group size: 5 - 10 children

Per month/child:


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