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KnowledgePond Education provides premium quality online, interactive English and Science lessons and courses for children, adults, professionals and teachers.

Do you have friends who might be looking for opportunities to learn?

Are you a busy teacher who cannot say yes to every inquiry you receive?

Join our "Happy Extra Income" Referral Programme

  • let us do the work

  • while you earn money from the comfort of your home. 


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Join our programme to get your unique referral code. 



Share our products and services with your audience. 



Earn up to 10% in associate commissions from purchases.


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"After I joined this referral programme, I told about KnowledgePond's lessons to my friends and sent some emails to them. I even got a $100 bonus at the end!"


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Referral Programme work? 

You can share KnowledgePond Education's services and available programmes with your audience using a customised referral code and get paid after every qualifying purchase and customer action. 

How do I earn in the Programme?

You are paid 10% commission after every purchase and action that the customer you sent to us makes. 

How do I qualify for this program?

Existing and new friends of KnowledgePond Education, teachers, tutors, bloggers, website owners, social media butterflies, and anyone who would like to earn extra income can participate in this programme. 

Does KnowledgePond help me? 

Sure we do. Tell us how you'd like to reach out to your audience, and we will send you nicely designed posts, posters, flyers or emails if you wish to help you maximise your earnings. 

How do I sign up to the programme? 

Fill in the form below. We will review your application, approve it and send you your referral code. 

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Happy referral programme

To register to our programme please fill out the following form

Are you a teacher or a tutor?
Do you own a website?
How will you reach out to your audience?
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