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Who we are

KnowledgePond Education provides its learners with world-class online education. It is an institution of excellence, renowned for empowering students to achieve their fullest potential in their studies.

Learning English, Mathematics or Physics with KnowledgePond Education will help you unlock a whole new world of opportunity.

Your learning starts here!

Live Online Classes and Clubs

Interactive group sessions with expert teachers.

Self-study Online Courses

Online Video Courses, Webinars, Workshops and more.

Personal Tutoring and Coaching

Online 1-to-1 lessons to help you maximise your potential.

Why learn with us

Upskill and advance your career

The right education will only get you so far. Skills will get you further. Schools, colleges and workplaces are always interested in people who stand out from the crowd. KnowledgePond is here to help you unlock your hidden skills.

We have you in mind

Ordinary courses are based around having the student catch up with the material being taught. KnowledgePond does the opposite. Our materials are built around the individual student or for a specialised group.

Learn more, learn faster

Our tutors are here to maximise your learning potential and guide you every step of the way. At KnowledgePond every student is a priority student.

Top class tuition

Our teachers and tutors have garnered expert pedagogical skills and are familiar with exam boards, subject content and exam techniques. Your teacher can quickly establish your optimum learning style and employ a range of specific techniques to help you achieve maximum results.

Trusted and Recommended by others

We have taught students of more than 32 different nationalities, from America to Australia, targeting learning gaps and helping students of all abilities to achieve their goals.


Appointments for our Online Lessons are flexible, so you can learn at your most convenient time and with your own personal teacher or coach. Save your time!

Learners Love KnowledgePond

See what some of our students say about us!



19 - United Kingdom

The university preparatory course helped me so much. Not only my Maths results got better but I have also learnt a lot about university life and British culture from Mike.



52 - Italy

Ciao! I work as a financial director. Your presentation and business English courses have helped me a lot. I feel more confident than ever at international company events. Thank you!



26 - Uruguay

I really enjoy my English classes. I never understood grammar before I started learning with KnowledgePond. My teacher's explanations are very easy to understand, and we always practise new things in conversation exercises.



17 - South Africa

I was in a big trouble because of my IGCSE. I only had a few months to prepare and we didn't learn half of the needed material at school! Then I found KnowledgePond. I could take intensive exam preparation with my teacher. The lessons were awesome, I understood everything easily. And.. I passed my exam with a great result! I made it!



11 - South Korea

My English skills have improved a lot! I'm so happy! :)



49 - Germany

Finally, I can teach my students proper pronunciation skills! Mimi's lessons improved my own pronunciation and I've got great insights and tips I can use to further my career. Keep those teachers' courses coming! 

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Write your English to Perfection

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English Lessons for Couples

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One-to-One English Lessons

Phonics for Children

Mathematics & Physics Lessons

Business English 

English Test & Exam Preparation

Maths & Physics Exam Prep

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At KnowledgePond Education, our aim is to make your learning journey successful and fun. Part of this is being there for you when you have questions, enquiries, or feedback of any kind.


Our student support team members are always happy to help you. If you ever want to reach out, you can do so using the following methods:

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+44 7394 074719