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Business English Lessons Grammar, Style and Usage

Expert Individual Lessons with

your personal teacher 

English level: B1 - C2

Minimum age: 25

Course length: You choose

Maximum Class Size: 1

Intensity: 1-3 lessons a week

Duration of a lesson: 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

Advance your language fluency and further your career by developing valuable skills.

Enhance your professional skills, learn English specific to your industry and improve your written and oral communication skills.

What is so special about

KnowledgePond's Business English Course?

Our course is highly practical, interactive and is specifically designed to bring the business world into the classroom and simulate learning in the real world. Your teacher will bring expertise and experience in diverse professional and business fields into your lessons.

Let's start improving your Business English skills today!

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High quality

Professional native English-speaking teachers with years of experience.

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Personal learning plan

Each session is designed around your needs, helping you reach your goal.

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Flexibility and choice

Learn online with your teacher at your own speed. Save your valuable time!

What you get

Your professional personal teacher

Expert and challenging lessons

The best learning methods

Motivating learning materials

Exercises you'll find nowhere else

Lessons which fit your needs

A step-by-step study plan

Quality learning environment

Learn quickly and effectively

Lots of opportunities to speak English

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With our lessons you will be able to: 

  • communicate in English with confidence during social events, business meetings and on the phone.

  • improve the way you use English and your ability to communicate with your business partners, colleagues and your company's clients  for advancing in your professional life.

  • deliver presentations in English.

  • improve your pronunciation and speak more clearly.

  • improve your listening skills by understanding different accents better.

  • master the essential elements of grammar so you will speak and write accurately.

  • get plenty of tips on how to improve your English skills and fluency in your day to day life.​​

Meet your Teacher

and discuss your language learning goals!



There is no download required. All you need is a computer, a webcam, a microphone and an internet connection to join your teacher on your live online session.

Our English teachers have years of experience teaching English and understand the skills you need to succeed. Each teacher holds a university degree, a teaching qualification and has a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

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4 lessons

$56 / hour

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

1 lesson/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per month:


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8 lessons

$53 / hour

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

2 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per month:


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12 lessons

$51 / hour

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

3 lessons/week

sessions are 60 minutes long

Per month:


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