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We've Found the Best Way to Improve your English skills

Are you bored of Students' Book exercises?

Have you filled countless amount of worksheets yet you did not master English?

Trying to improve your English language knowledge can be a difficult task, especially when you have already conquered the basics. You can master everyday conversational language with moderate efforts. English actually gets difficult at intermediate level and above! That's when you start feeling that you need to be able to express your thoughts on a higher level but words and structures just don't come to your mind, and you can't speak fluently and in a sophisticated way. 

You might be frantically looking for the answers to your questions: 'How can I speed up my language learning process? How do I become a fluent user and speaker of English?

Have you ever thought about the relationship between speaking and writing skills? There's a close connection between these two aspects of learning a language. Research indicates that when you improve your writing skills, your speaking skills improve as well.

How? Speaking and writing are both active skills. It means that when you write, you are the one who produces the language - you think of the words and you create the sentences. This is exactly the same what you do when you speak. Science shows that if you have skills to produce beautiful language in writing, you can transfer these skills to speaking. 

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Gaining proper language speaking skills requires a great deal of effort, and you can make that happen if you write more.

Consistent writing helps your language speaking skills because when you are writing, you’re practising several things at once:

  • Gathering your ideas

  • Organising these ideas so they'd be coherent

  • Considering your word choice

  • Creating and using proper sentence structure

  • Controlling your grammar and spelling

When you are writing, you aren't under time-pressure. There's nobody waiting for you to finally finish your sentence. You have time to think over how to use the language properly. With enough practice and guidance from an expert teacher, you will write easier and faster. As you’re getting better, all the skills you've been working on will translate into your speaking. Your language speaking skills will improve rapidly!

Join our Write your English to Perfection email course to improve your English language skills with creative writing exercises, which will do magic to your written expression and communication skills.

Make it happen with KnowledgePond's Course

You’ll come to that point when things come naturally to you.

That's when you'll become a fluent speaker of English. The more you write, the sooner you’ll experience such progress.


KnowledgePond Education provides its learners with world-class online education. It is an institution of excellence, renowned for empowering students to achieve their fullest potential in their studies.

A Woman Writing at Home

understand the logic of the English sentence structure

A Young Man with a Notebook

enjoy KnowledgePond Education's unique method of teaching language as a system instead of isolated grammar  explanations

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boost your vocabulary on higher level

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be able to use English in a more colourful and sophisticated way

Working at Outdoor Cafe

implement what you learn into your speaking

Testimonials of KnowledgePond Learners

who have been writing their English to perfection with our course


"There are so many online courses out there - most of them are garbage - written poorly and only for beginners. It's hard to see which course is legit and which is garbage wrapped in fancy sales pitch.

The thing I like most about Write your English to Perfection course is that it's built around the science of learning. I'm impressed that the teacher knows how to make me understand seemingly complex things quickly and make me implement them in my usage of the language immediately!"


Management Consultant, Czech Republic

"This course has changed the way I look at English learning. I had many fears before to speak the language and didn't enjoy practising. But now I'm full of so many new skills that the insecurities that were holding me back before I started Writing my English to Perfection are gone! I had high expectations signing up for the course and I can honestly say that these teachers at KnowledgePond exceeded them. Thanks a lot!"


University student, Japan

"I can't believe how far I have come in the last 2 months! I really didn't think that this awesome improvement would come so quickly. Huge thanks to all of you for creating this course and helping me finally move forward with my language skills. Now I find it ridiculous how much I was suffering in the past to get better at English... wasted all that time and money... But now I'm just where I always dreamed of being. I'm so thankful for the ways you supported me. 

Let me know if I can help in any other way in the future. :)"


Technician, Sweden

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  • creative writing exercises to improve your English spoken and written communication skills

  • improving your understanding of English grammar

  • widening the range of vocabulary you actively use

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