Write your English to Perfection

Top Creative Writing and Grammar Email Course

English level: from B1+ to C2 

Minimum age: 16


Intensity: weekly lessons

Course length: ongoing

Are you bored of Students' Book exercises?

Join this course to improve your English language skills with creative writing exercises, which will do magic to your written expression and communication skills.


With the help of this course you will understand the logic of the English sentence structure. You will also improve your vocabulary while being creative and doing fun exercises.

You will be able to use English in a more colourful and sophisticated way.

What is so special about

KnowledgePond's 'Write your English to Perfection' Email Course?

Creative writing is an effective and enjoyable activity. Not only does it help you improve your language skills, it nurtures emotional intelligence and teaches you to communicate more authentically. That is exactly what you'll achieve by signing up for KnowledgePond's course!

Let's start improving your English skills today!

What to expect from our 'Write your English to Perfection' Email Course

  • KnowledgePond's unique method of teaching the verb tenses as a system, sentence structure and vocabulary boosting - enjoy the explanations you'd find nowhere else


  • You will get plenty of targeted practice to help you implement what you learn into your written and oral language


  • Materials to keep you motivated and help you learn quickly and effectively


  • A relaxed and fun learning environment - we have plenty of online social events for our learners you can also join to make friends from all around the world

Write your English to Perfection

Write your English to Perfection

What is included?

  • beautifully designed weekly workbook emailed to you

  • correction of your assignments by a qualified, native English-speaking teacher

  • personalised advice for further improvement

  • unlimited chat support

  • creative writing exercises to improve your English spoken and written communication skills

  • improving your understanding of English grammar

  • widening the range of vocabulary you actively use

  • socialise with other course members and make friends from all around the world




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