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Language learning can be a difficult but an equally fun process, especially if you tap into the right resources and learning materials.

Creative writing is a powerful tool for learning English. It is a playful engagement with the language. It provides you with circumstances where you can test the rules of the language and see what works without feeling pressured about making mistakes. These exercises bring a dramatic increase to your self-confidence and while you are enjoying the activities, you learn how to communicate fluently.

Creative writing tasks break the boredom of traditional textbook exercises and above all, they aid language development at all levels: grammar, vocabulary, phonology and speaking skills.

Engaging with writing tasks teaches you how to focus on the language, visualize the way it works and learn various language patterns in an interesting and exciting way that can lead to better language acquisition and grammar usage.

How you can benefit from creative writing:

  • You can learn how to express yourself and your own ideas effectively and without being too wordy.

  • You can engage with interesting and lively assignments, which make language practice effective, stimulating and a lot of fun.

  • As you are not under time pressure - unlike when you are trying to speak - you can learn to focus on accuracy in expression and vocabulary.

  • Skills you acquire while writing will build into your speaking, helping you become a fluent speaker of the English language.

Let’s see how KnowledgePond’s email course, Write Your English to Perfection, will help you skyrocket your English written and spoken communication skills:

  • Our exercises encourage you to be inventive and use all the language you know not just what you need "in the street".

  • We help you master grammatical structures to make sure you speak beautifully.

  • Our exercises allow you to create associations that help you remember words

  • We help you identify your weaknesses. This means you can fix your mistakes and practice to get rid of your weak spots. As result, you’ll become much more proficient in both your writing and your speaking.

  • We will practice your language skills together so that you feel confident when it comes time to use them in real-life scenarios.

  • Our writing assignments maximize your exposure to new language

  • We will explore the language in a playful way, without fear of criticism.

  • And, apart from mastering grammar and vocabulary to make you express yourself beautifully, you will also develop your speaking skills.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Let's make writing a part of your language practice with Write Your English To Perfection and before you know it, your vocabulary will have expanded, you will make less grammatical mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to mastering your spoken language.

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