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English Lessons for Couples

Enjoy the power of learning new things together

Expert Live Sessions Online with the best teachers in the country

English level: B1 - C2 

Minimum age: 18

Course length: You choose

Maximum Class Size: 2

Intensity: 1-3 sessions per week

Duration of a lesson: 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

Are you looking for ways to deepen your connection with your partner?

You have found it!

Sinking into the habit of coming home from work and vegetating in front of the TV next to each other. Spending time together, no doubt, but not really engaging one another either. When you stop talking to each other, that’s when it starts to break down. Sounds familiar? 

In a world where you must juggle between climbing the career ladder and keeping the family together, it is getting more and more difficult to pay enough attention and show your affection to your loved one. Stumbling into each other is not enough to maintain a harmonious and happy relationship.

The Reality of the Everyday Life

How Could it be Different?

But do you know what would help you build a strong connection?  

Studies prove that engaging in quality learning activities together leads to improved relationship quality, as well as increased passion for one another! “Learning new things together strengthens bonds because it is at those moments we can show our vulnerability to one another,” says Dr. Hisla Bates, M.D., a pediatric and adult psychiatrist based in New York City. “When we are learning a new task, neither party is an expert, and mishaps and failures are bound to happen. In those vulnerable moments when we fail, the other party can show support. They can work together to find a solution, and working together helps deepen the connection.”

To Make it Perfect

KnowledgePond Education's English Lessons for Couples enable you and your partner to strengthen your relationship with communication exercises that build not only your love but knowledge as well. You will finally be able to build towards happiness and English fluency with the help of a qualified, native English-speaking teacher who is friendly but offers expert and challenging lessons to learn quickly and have fun at the same time.

Our English Lessons for Couples aim to develop your:

  • English speaking and communication skills - Having a fun time with your partner

  • Vocabulary and Pronunciation - Doing quizzes and laughing together

  • Learning with real-life experiences - Making your language learning an emotional process to help you remember

  • Discover things you never knew about each other

There’s no better time than now to get started on your learning journey together!

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1 lesson / week

sessions are 60 minutes long

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8 sessions

$ 37 / person / hour

Couple sessions + bonuses

2 lessons / week

sessions are 60 minutes long

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12 sessions

$ 34 / person / hour

Couple sessions + bonuses

3 lessons / week

sessions are 60 minutes long

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