Phonics for Children

Learning the English Letters and Sounds

Expert Individual Sessions Online

with the best teachers in the country

English level: Starter / Beginner and above

Age: 3 - 12

Course length: 3 months - 1 year

Maximum Class Size: 1 child

Intensity: 3-5 lessons per week

Duration of a lesson: 45 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Virtual Classroom: Skype or Zoom

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Finding the Best English-learning Programme for Your Child

Have you spent too much time without success looking for a specialised programme that teaches your child how to be a fluent English speaker in a fun and friendly way?


Finding a great and well-organised English learning programme for your child can be a daunting task for a parent like you. "Will my child get expert teaching? Will he/she learn English the best way possible? Am I paying for the right thing?"


In a world where choices are plenty, it is getting more and more difficult to make the right decision when it comes to our children's education. Choosing a language programme that does not serve your child's best learning interests or hiring a private teacher who does not provide quality learning experience may have a long-lasting negative effect on your child. Here at KnowledgePond Education, we understand your frustration well. Our expert teachers have helped hundreds of young learners and their parents who, before contacting us, wasted much time and money on unprofessional lessons which failed to develop the child's language skills to its maximum potential. 

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Now that you are on this page, there's no more reason for pain or frustration. 

KnowledgePond Education's Phonics sessions enable your child to learn English the same way native English-speaking children do.

Your child will finally be able to build towards English fluency with the help of a qualified, native English-speaking teacher who is friendly but offers expert and challenging lessons to learn quickly and effectively.

Our Phonics Lessons aim to develop your child's:

  • English pronunciation

  • vocabulary

  • speaking skills

  • and the skills and language needed to read and write in English. These essential pre-reading skills are vital to ensure success in kindergarten, pre-school and beyond. The love of reading and writing will serve your child well into adulthood. 

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What makes KnowledgePond's Phonics Sessions unique?

KnowledgePond Education provides its learners with world-class online education. It is an institution of excellence, renowned for empowering students to achieve their fullest potential in their studies.

Over the past 12 years, KnowledgePond Education has given tens of thousands of lessons to happy children around the world.


Why not to yours? - Sign up now.

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Your child will learn systematic and predictable relationship between letters and sounds.

With personalised activities and pace.

Visually rich and highly interactive lessons for maximum joy and engagement.

Positive learning environment for your child.

Your child can enjoy the same activities native English-speaking children do.

Mastering English as a child has never been easier.

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The skills that your child learns with us will stay with them throughout their entire life​.

A stepping stone into your child's future.

Your child can start building towards English fluency from age 3 with Phonics Sessions.


Building native-like English knowledge from an early age.

Building Towards English Fluency

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What to expect from our Phonics Sessions

  • Your child's highly qualified personal teacher who has many years of teaching experience​


  • Personalised lessons which fit your child's needs perfectly ​​


  • A relaxed and fun learning environment – we teach from a classroom

  • An English-speaking environment - allowing your child to learn English naturally

  • Lessons that boost your child's self-confidence and help them develop communication skills and good pronunciation


  • The same teaching methodology as face-to-face lessons but from the comfort and safety of your own home

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What bonuses you get with your child's lessons

  • Unlimited email and chat support from your child's teacher

+ free regular consultations to discuss your child's progress and answer your questions

  • Extra practice materials & useful links to further develop your child's skills

  • Flexible appointments - arrange your lessons at the time and day that suits you best

  • The possibility to participate in KnowledgePond's programmes with which you can collect discounts

  • The possibility to participate in KnowledgePond's social programmes  - Conversation club, online Film Club, Book Club, Online Karaoke and more! -  on discounted prices.

Children Love KnowledgePond Education

Some of our Success Stories

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Image by National Cancer Institute



She started her English lessons with completing KnowledgePond Education's Phonics Sessions at age 6 then took individual English lessons with us. Today she's 17, holding a proficiency language exam and writing her own poems and short stories in English!

Phonics Testimonials 1.png



Fai started our Phonics Sessions at age 3. We had a lot of fun learning to communicate, playing with words and building his vocabulary. Now he is almost 5 and able to speak fluently - considering his age. :) He can also write words when given an example.

Phonics Testimonials 2.png



Abida completed KnowledgePond Education's Phonics Sessions between age 4 - 7. Today she is living in the UK and achieving great successes at school because she is able to read and write just like a native English child. Her vocabulary is also exceptional! :)

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Enrol in KnowledgePond Education's Unique Phonics Sessions 

At KnowledgePond Education, our aim is to make high-quality learning and expert teachers available for everyone.

Therefore, we work hard to bring the best quality on the best prices to our learners. Select the Bundle that fits your budget best and check out our

Happy Learning Discount Programmes. 

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12 lessons

$ 35 / lesson

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

3 lessons / week

sessions are 45 minutes long

Per month:


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16 lessons

$ 33 / lesson

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

4 lessons / week

sessions are 45 minutes long

Per month:


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20 lessons

$ 31 / lesson

1-to-1 sessions + bonuses

5 lessons / week

sessions are 45 minutes long

Per month: