Book Club for Children

A place for kids to improve their English vocabulary and language skills

English level: from A2+

Age: 10 - 12

Course length: 3 months +

Maximum Group Size: 10

Intensity: 1 live session per week

Lesson(s) duration: 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: weekdays or weekends

We created a virtual place for kids who love to read, make crafts, discuss, and share excitement about stories while improving their English skills.


In our book club, we combine learning and fun, making it easier for children to improve their English language skills in a natural way and prepare for furthering their studies in English.


Every month our club will feature a new book and theme. Children will have the privilege to read quality, teacher-selected books which serve their English language development. We will include crafting, writing, discussions and games to get into the topics and maximise children’s language learning opportunities.













Learning English in an exciting way


Adding a book-themed, simple craft, like making cool book covers for our books aids children’s language development. Craft-time creates another great opportunity for discussion to improve your child’s English speaking skills.


We mix in carefully selected films, theatre plays and games.  Learning early about how to compare film, theatre, and books is feels like fun for children even when they are thinking critically and building their English vocabulary.


To make the club meeting more interactive and engaging for high energy kids, we always add a game. Having a game in the experience will make the lessons of the book stay with the student for longer, aiding keeping vocabulary in their long-term memory.











What your child gets by becoming a book club member:

  • carefully selected printed books which match their age and English level

  • weekly live, teacher-led sessions to improve their English skills

  • fun educational exercises and games to make them enjoy learning the language

  • social interactions with other children from all around the world

  • a learning environment with activities that are educational, interesting and pressure-free


We make sure that the kids in our club are at a similar language and reading level.

New group starts: January 2021.

Places are limited, so make sure you sign up today!


For the current list of  books used in our club please email us at and we will send you the list for you to review.

3 months


USD 248

What is included?

  • 12 live sessions with qualified, native-speaking English teachers

  • 3 printed books delivered to you

  • exciting interactive sessions

  • out-of-class community activities with group members

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