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Start introducing the English language and sounds

Science proves us that before 6 months old, infants can discriminate among sounds of any language in the world. Between 6 and 12 months, the brain begins to specialize in discriminating sounds of the native language and loses the ability to discriminate sounds in non-native languages (Kuhl, Tsao, & Liu, 2003).


Make sure you give the chance to your baby to learn the English sounds naturally. Research suggests that children who start learning English early, most often can speak it with near-native pronunciation.




And is anything better than enjoying a regular English story-time together with your baby?


KnowledgePond’s English Story-time is a fantastic way for babies to enjoy a book, discover the English language and get excited about the English sounds.


It is never too early to read English books to your little ones to capitalise on their natural ability of learning the English sounds. The more stories we read aloud, the more English sounds, and the rhymes of language your baby will hear. This builds the foundations for language development for their future.


Reading to babies is also a great way to develop a close bond. Your baby will love to hear English stories while enjoying close snuggles as you are both listening to the stories, helping them to feel safe and secure. Of course your new born won't understand what we say to begin with but he or she will learn the different rhythms and sounds of the English language, which will help develop your little ones hearing and prepares them for learning a foreign language easily.


Join us from the comfort of your own home for our interactive stories live every day and enjoy a 20-minute treat with your baby.


New live reading sessions start: November 2020.

Places are limited, so make sure you sign up today!


What is included?

  • 20-minute snuggle-time with your baby while you are both listening to quality, teacher-selected English stories

  • ensuring your child's bright future by giving him/her the opportunity to learn the English sounds naturally

  • 3 months access to live stream story-time

  • readings are every day between Monday and Friday 

3 months


USD 189

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