Maths Club for Children

A place for kids to learn and practise Mathematics in English

English level: from A2+

Age: 10 - 12

Course length: 3 months +

Maximum Group Size: 10

Intensity: 2 live session per week

Lesson(s) duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: weekdays or weekends

We have created thrilling classes and programmes for children here at KnowledgePond Math Club. These classes offer exciting and fun learning opportunities for kids to learn Mathematics in English to prepare them for their future studies at an international school or even university!


Our Maths club is a chance for every English learner aged 10-12 to have fun with Maths in an environment where preparing for the future is our aim. Designed and led by engineers and teachers, KnowledgePond Math Club builds a solid foundation in Maths for children aged 10 to 12. Complements school Maths - UK National curriculum.

Some of our Maths club activities are: maths games, puzzles, quizzes, code breaking, maths investigations, maths trails and general problem solving. Our Maths club offers opportunities for more flexible learning than the school lessons.

We will increase the engagement of children in Maths and English and show them that Maths is a playful and diverse subject full of surprises.

Benefits of KnowledgePond Maths Club for your child

  • he/she will develop the knowledge and understanding of Mathematics

  • learn Mathematics and the necessary vocabulary in English

  • we provide your child with opportunities to try new things

  • we fuel a can-do approach to Maths

  • we develop children’s mathematical reasoning

  • we promote collaborative learning within the group

  • boost self-confidence

  • support learning within and outside the school

  • prepare for future studies in an English learning environment

3 months


USD 398

What is included?

  • 1,440 minutes of live learning sessions with qualified teachers

  • interesting and exciting exercises to complete

  • Mathematics and English lessons . 2in1

  • preparation for further studies




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