Submission deadline: 31 August 2022 | Online

Pond of Art
Drawing Competition

Pond of Art is an international online art competition designed to encourage learning through creative expression.
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Time & Location
Submit your art online via the form below. 
Submission deadline: 31 August 2022
We will announce the winners and contact all participants to receive their prizes starting from 14th September 2022.
About the event
Welcome to our Pond of Art Drawing Competition!

Our project is designed to demonstrate how children can be engaged in learning in a fun way.

​Entries are accepted from any country in the world.

​Entrants will be separated into age categories as follows:
5-6 years
7-10 years
11-12 years

The artwork topic is LEARNING. Children can draw anything that comes to their mind when they think about learning.
You can submit a photo taken of your drawing or a scanned version of your art.


The drawing must be of A4 or A3 size. 
Materials you can use: graphite pencil, coloured pencils, crayons, charcoal sticks, brushes, dip pens and 
digital pen

Parental Guidance: 
If you have questions, please email us at 

About the Organiser: 

The competition is organised by KnowledgePond Education. 
We offer a supportive and inclusive environment providing students with an opportunity to explore their interest.

Through highly interactive  teaching, we are able to help our students develop skills that travel beyond the classroom. All of our classes are gamified and include a touch of silliness. We believe that learning is more fun when we are comfortable enough to laugh and create. We look forward to laughing and learning with you.  Every child is capable of learning and as educators, it is our mission to help each child find their own passion for knowledge.

Our Values:
All of our teachers have a passion for both teaching and learning. They are qualified, native English-speaking educational experts from England.

Our students are welcome to share how they feel in class and they are encouraged to socialize with their peers. Children are very honest and even when they don't mean to, they will let you know exactly how they feel.
All Participants Receive:
eBook with colouring and drawing
activities to learn English in a fun way
(value: 39 USD)
First 50 submitter: 
2 months of Creative English Learning Group Lessons with a native English-speaking teacher
(value: 192 USD)
Age Category 1st Place
KnowledgePond Scolarship - 6 months of one-to-one tutoring sessions of English or Mathematics with your personal teacher
(value: 1728 USD)
Age Category 2nd Place
School Supplies.png
Uniquely designed Backpack filled with school supplies to hit the school hallways in style. (value: $500)
Age Category 3rd Place
Pond of Art winner (2).png
Unique T-shirt designed just for you with your drawing printed on it.
(value: 35+ USD)
All Across Winner
all across winner.png
Take it all! The All Across Winner receives all prizes above.
(value: 2494 USD)

ends 31 August 2022

Registration Ticket


The Registration fee for this competition is $7.

All entries become the property of KnowledgePond International Education and Development Ltd.
Entries may be used for decoration, fundraising, promotional purposes, or printed materials for sale. This may include using them as decoration during events organised by KnowledgePond Education throughout the year, selling them in our shop, auctioning them in fundraisers, temporary display at other facilities (such as museums and galleries), making them into greeting cards to be used and sold, featuring them on shirts and other promotional materials, and other uses.