from Mon, Jul 18  | Online

English Learning Creative Camp

Join us as we create new worlds through
storytelling, games, crafts and adventure.
Time & Location
July 18 – August 05 2022
Every day from Monday to Friday 
9 am - 11 am GMT
About the event
Welcome to our English Learning Creative Camp! 

In this interactive online camp, kids will enjoy a short story then use their art and creative skills to further explore the story through educational games, craft and fun adventures. 

We will meet every day from Monday to Friday 
The programme lasts 120 minutes each day 
Join when you can, leave when you have to
5-10 year-olds

Your child will enter the world of beautiful and magical stories based on nature, animals, and fairies in this imaginative English Learning Creative Camp.  


  • Social Skills Booster - Show & Tell: Each class starts with a show and tell, encouraging kids to use their social skills and communicate with the teacher and each other. 
  • Reading and Listening Comprehension - Interactive Story Time: The teacher will read picture books and children will be able to look at the pictures in the stories on the screen share.  
  • Observational Skills Development: Students will be encouraged to share what they notice or even move like the characters.
  • Fairy Tale Dance Party: After we read, we will have movement-time with music that allows us to feel a part of the story.  
  • Art: Finally, we will have a drawing time for children to process the story artistically.  Drawings are student-led, free drawing, based on the story and we will have a sharing time for students to share their expressions if they choose to.
  • Educational games: We will focus on improving children's English skills through games and craft. 

Supply List: 

- Blank A4 Paper  
- Colouring Supplies of your choice (crayons, markers, colour pencils)  
- Pencil  
- Dice

Parental Guidance: 

Some kids require an adjustment period when it comes to online learning and social engagement. If you are concerned about your child's ability to stay engaged, cognitive skills, or shyness, then please email our camp teacher at before signing up. She will be happy to discuss a game plan for success or help you find an alternative class.

About the Organiser: 

The programme is offered by KnowledgePond Education. 
We offer a supportive and inclusive environment providing students with an opportunity to explore their interest.

Through highly interactive  teaching, we are able to help our students develop skills that travel beyond the classroom. All of our classes are gamified and include a touch of silliness. We believe that learning is more fun when we are comfortable enough to laugh and create. We look forward to laughing and learning with you.  Every child is capable of learning and as educators, it is our mission to help each child find their own passion for knowledge.

Our Values:
All of our teachers have a passion for both teaching and learning. They are qualified, native English-speaking educational experts from England.

Our students are welcome to share how they feel in class and they are encouraged to socialize with their peers. Children are very honest and even when they don't mean to, they will let you know exactly how they feel.
Our Mission
Every year, our teachers help to improve people’s lives, expand their possibilities, and give hope to many hundreds of people all over the world. As part of our mission, we offer 10 free tickets to parents who are not able to afford quality learning opportunities for their children. To support our mission, please choose this ticket only if you are unable to pay the fee. Thank you!

Sales ends on 18 June!

Early Bird Ticket


This ticket is for parents who would like to
save 20% on the full camp price.
Join whenever you can during the 3 weeks of the camp. 
This ticket = 3 weeks - 15 day - 30 hours of learning & fun for your child and just as much free time for you!