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High school / Secondary school Tutoring

Live Online Individual Lessons with

your personal teacher

English level: B1 - C2

Minimum age: 14

Course length: min 10 lessons

Maximum Class Size: 1

Intensity: 1 - 3 lessons per week

Lesson(s) duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: You choose

Syllabus covered: General school syllabus

Lessons and a teacher dedicated only to you.

Conquer your fear of Mathematics and Physics with our online tuition. Learn the skills and master the techniques that you need to succeed in your studies.


By the end of your studies with KnowledgePond you will be at ease and proficient in Mathematics and Physics.

We have a wealth of knowledge and learning materials we can share with you.

What is so special about learning with KnowledgePond's?

We accommodate most Mathematics and Physics curricula

We work with students from around the world.

Our students have received excellent results under our guidance. 


Let's start improving your skills today!

With our lessons you will be able to: 

  • Sit your school tests and exams with confidence

  • Supplement your existing Mathematics and Physics studies​​

  • Use strategic thinking to approach problems

  • Obtain the required grade for classwork and exam success


  • Prepare for further studies in post-secondary institutions

  • Use English to communicate Mathematics and Physics problems


Not just another Mathematics and Physics tutor.

Choosing KnowledgePond will result lead to positive development in:

  • conceptual understanding—the ability to understand concepts, operations and relations. This frequently results in students comprehending connections and similarities between interrelated facts.

  • procedural fluency—the knowledge of when and how to use different Mathematical and Physics procedures.

  • strategic competence—the ability to formulate, represent and solve mathematical problems. This is similar to problem solving. Strategic competence is mutually supportive with conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.

  • adaptive reasoning— the capacity to think logically in order to understand and solve problems.

  • productive disposition— develop a positive outlook towards mathematics and Physics as a direct result of structured tutoring, mathematical understanding and improved learning ability of the student. 

What to expect from our lessons

  • Your highly qualified personal teacher who has many years of teaching experience

  • Your teacher will be patient, relaxed and easy to talk to, offering expert and challenging lessons


  • Work with KnowledgePond's self-developed lesson plans and worksheets and get our unique method of teaching Mathematics and Physics - enjoy exercises you'd find nowhere else


  • Materials to keep you motivated and help you learn quickly and effectively


  • A step by step study plan to make sure you achieve your goals


  • You will get plenty of targeted practice to help you understand different aspects of Maths and Physics


  • A relaxed learning environment – we teach from a classroom


  • The same teaching methodology as face-to-face lessons but from the comfort of your own home

What bonuses you get with your lessons

  • KnowledgePond's self-developed learning resources, homework and assignments to help you progress as quickly as possible

  • Email and chat support from your teacher

  • Extra practice materials & useful links to further develop your skills

  • Flexible appointments - arrange your lessons at the time and day that suits you best

  • The possibility to participate in KnowledgePond's programmes with which you can collect discounts

  • Certificate of Completion 

1 Lesson


USD 80/lesson

10 Lessons Bundle

10% discount

USD 72/lesson

20 Lessons Bundle

20% discount

USD 64/lesson

Still have questions? Get in touch now!

Our team is happy to help you with any queries you have. 

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