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English Conversation Lessons 

for those who like to get & give

 Individual or Group Sessions

English level: B1 - C2 

Minimum age: 18

Course length: min 20 lessons 

Maximum Class Size: 1 or max 6

Intensity: 2 hours per week

Lesson(s) duration: 60 minutes

Lesson times & days: Flexible

Speaking English well means

you can communicate freely and with confidence.


And that is exactly what you'll achieve by taking part in KnowledgePond Education's conversation lessons. 

What is so special about

KnowledgePond's Conversation Sessions?

By signing up for these lessons, you  give yourself a great opportunity to practise English and improve your speaking skills​ in an only English learning environment.

Plus, you will make learning possible for a learner who does not have access to and/or would not be able to afford quality learning.

Every person deserves the opportunity to learn. Thanks to people like you, who support KnowledgePond Education's charity activities, you can fund not only your learning but give the gift of knowledge to a fellow human being. 

A portion of your tuition fee goes towards sponsoring

a learner in need.

Let's start improving your English skills

and giving a chance to the less fortunate today!

What to expect from our English Conversation Sessions:​​


  • A relaxed and fun learning environment - practise speaking English while making friends from all around the world

  • A friendly and patient teacher who is easy to talk to yet offers challenging activities to improve your speaking skills

  • Interesting tasks and exercises to make the best out of your learning

  • Exciting topics that will make you speak

  • Improving your vocabulary and grammar structures you use in spoken English

  • Building your confidence so you'll be able to speak English with ease in any situation 

3 months



USD 290

3 months



USD 770

What is included?

  • weekly teacher-led, LIVE sessions (2X60 mins)

  • unlimited chatting with the teacher and/or the group members

  • free reading and listening sources

  • improving your understanding of global English accents

  • socialise with other course members and make friends from all around the world

  • and much more!

  • giving the gift of knowledge to someone *


* We'll give you 3 first names and countries so you can choose who you'd like to support. You can decide whether your supported learner is given your first name and country or you remain anonymous. Your learning will make it possible for a less fortunate person to take part in our group sessions.




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