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Mimi Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Mimi. I have been working as an English as a foreign language educator for 12 years now. I’ve always found passion in guiding groups and individuals to their successes in their language learning goals.

During my career I’ve worked with hundreds of learners with various needs and aims. My youngest learners so far are a twin couple, Benjamin and Lara, aged 3 from Hungary; and I’m especially proud of my eldest learner, Maria from Switzerland, who is 70 years old.

I’ve prepared numerous learners for international language exams, especially Cambridge qualifications. There’s a 96% success rate among my students. I do believe that passing an exam is not only about how many words and grammar structures you know, but about your ability to use the language naturally and see the logic of English. Therefore, I put special emphasise on the “how-to” when it comes to solving exercises.

I believe that everybody can learn a foreign language, but each and every one of us needs an approach that best fits our needs. That is why I personalise every lesson and constantly seek the best and most effective methods.

Since 2010 I’ve also been involved in material and course writing. Here at KnowledgePond I personally develop most of the lesson plans, tasks and course materials, keeping communication in focus. I think when it comes to languages, you don’t have to speak like a native, but you need to be able to use English like a native speaker: naturally, without hesitations, without mental effort and with a smile on your face.

I’m a trained economist, but realised early that education is the field for me. I have successfully combined my two professions and guided numerous businessmen in succeeding at meetings, conferences and in their business life in general.

My motto: Speaking foreign languages opens every locked door in your professional and personal life.


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Hello my name is Mike. I am an educator and the coordinator here at KnowledgePond.

I have more than 15 years of experience as a private tutor. Throughout this time I have taught students of more than 32 different nationalities, from America to Australia.

I am a certified English teacher who specialises in teaching English online. I am also a Mechanical Engineer. I have taught a wide range of subjects including English and French languages and sciences (Mathematics, Physics, and Electronics). In my opinion, a desire to teach runs parallel with the desire to learn. Therefore, a teacher should be as willing to learn as his students.

Based on their feedback, I can confidently say that the majority of my students have accomplished their goals. From passing their exams to improving their skillsets. Some students just wanted to impress their superiors and get that promotion (which they did).

Teaching is a wonderful experience for me. I enjoy sharing that eureka moment with my students.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you and engage in discussions with you as we journey through your learning process together.

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