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Learn with KnowledgePond Education - the pioneer private institution providing high quality online English and Science lessons and courses to all ages.

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Gift for Young Learners

Phonics for Children - learning the English letters and sounds.

Our specialised programme that teaches pre-reading skills in a fun and friendly way to your child. 

Lesson Fee:

Before: $34

Now: $10

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Gift for Teenagers

Communication-based English Tutoring

Learn with our highly effective communicative methods, which makes teenagers speak English with confidence.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $61


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Gift for Adult Learners

English-Lessons One-on-One

Lessons and a native English-speaking teacher dedicated only to you to maximise your improving.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $64

Now: $19

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Gift for Professionals

Presentation and Public Speaking skills

Learn everything you need to know about giving a great speech for business & personal presentations.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $80

Now: $24

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Gift for Examinees

English Language Exam Preparation

We make sure that you pass your exam with the best possible results with our course. 

Lesson Fee:

Before: $72

Now: $21

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Gift for Teachers

How to teach the English Verb Tenses

You will learn how to make your students see the logic of the verb tenses easily with our unique method.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $160

Now: $48

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Gift for Maths Students

Exam Preparation

Conquer Mathematics! Learn the skills and master the techniques that you need to succeed in your exams.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $80

Now: $24

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Gift for Physics Students

IGCSE Exam Preparatory Course

You will learn the necessary skills to approach different topics, analyse concepts and solve different problems.

Lesson Fee:

Before: $80

Now: $24

Discounted Prices are valid until 31 December 2020!